The History of Scheelsminde

The manor house of Scheelsminde is beautifully located in close vicinity to city attractions, the joys of the countryside and excellent transport links.

The manor house, which dates back to 1808 and previously functioned as an agricultural farm, i.a. an experimental farm for Danish Distillers, has served as hotel, restaurant and conference centre since 1960 and owned by a single family, Bühlmann.

The first generation of family was the charismatic Hugo Jensen and his Swiss-born wife, Aloisia Bühlmann, who renovated and refurbished the manor converting it into a modern motel and renowned restaurant.

Later, their son Peter and his wife Mona took over. The number of hotel rooms increased and the refurbishing and modernisation, enjoyed daily by the many guests of the manor today, started.

The new and third generation, the daughter Anemette and her husband Danni, is still committed – despite the intense development within gastronomy and modern fine dining – to using healthy and nourishing quality products. They are spicing it all up with professional development and great skills while keeping a curious eye on the international challenging kitchen trends.

And with the fourth generation on its way – to both protect and challenge the traditions of the place, Scheelsminde will also be able to offer our future guests care, traditions and gastronomy in sumptuous surroundings with the excellent assistance of a team of attentive waiters, chefs and other service personnel.

In short, you may say that we always have and always will devote our heart and soul to provide our guests an outstanding service.
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