Manor house atmosphere close to the city centre

Scheelsminde is a hotel, restaurant, conference centre, party and event organiser, experience centre and much, much more. Scheelsminde’s many facilities for couples, families, business people and others who are looking for wonderful experiences in a historical setting. The hotel offers 94 charming rooms, meeting and conference facilities with space for up to 80 guests and award-winning gourmet.

Restaurant Bühlmann is reputable and mentioned in both White Guide Nordic and the Danish Dining Guide. The restaurant serves gourmet food of international standard with fresh and local ingredients as well as delicious brasserie dishes with a focus on French gastronomy.


In November 2021, Scheelsminde was named the winner of the well-known
“Årets Bo & Spis” award from Den Danske Spiseguide.


Scheelsminde is certified with the international eco-label called Green Key.
This means that we meet a large number of environmental requirements when it comes to e.g. food, energy, water and waste.

part of the bühlmann family

The Bühlmann family is hospitality and gastronomy in a class of its own. The Hotel and Gastronomy Group operates six hotels in Jutland. In addition to Scheelsminde, the group also consists of Nørre Vosborg in Vemb, Airport Hotel in Aalborg, Villa Provence in Aarhus, Peak 12 Hotel in Viborg and Pier 5 Hotel in Aalborg.

All hotels have their unique characteristics, but provide hospitality based on the same values: dedication, flexibility, intimacy, passion and respect.

The Bühlmann family is run by Anemette and Danni Bühlmann, who are the third generation in the family business.