Corporate Agreement with Scheelsminde

Make the journey easier and work more efficient.

Simplify your travels and increase work efficiency with a corporate agreement at Scheelsminde. Our corporate agreements can be tailored exclusively to our hotel in Aalborg or to all our Bühlmann hotels in Jylland, allowing your company to enjoy attractive corporate discounts at our exclusive hotels.

At Scheelsminde, we ensure quality and efficient processes, so you can check in quickly, relax, and recharge after a long workday.

We guide you through the entire process to ensure the most attractive solution that suits your needs. Fast check-in, early breakfast with a delicious cup of coffee, and a refreshing drink after work hours are just some of the things we offer. At Scheelsminde Hotel, our hosts are ready to assist you around the clock. And remember, whether you’re relaxing in your room, our cozy lounge area, or the park, you can always access free high-speed WiFi.

Discount on accommodation.
Free WiFi
Perfect location.
Hosts available 24/7.
Fast check-in.

Let us contact you within 24 hours on weekdays for a non-binding conversation about an attractive corporate agreement.

Get corporate discounts on accommodations.

Are you ready to ensure great savings on hotel accommodations at Scheelsminde? All you need to do is fill out the form below. It’s a quick, easy, and non-binding process. Our experienced staff will tailor the most attractive corporate agreement to match your company’s needs based on your upcoming dialogue.