award-winning gourmet food

When you have to hold a meeting or conference at our manor house, we make sure that the catering is top notch. There is both the option of a delicious breakfast buffet, exclusive Bühlmann coffee with beans from our own coffee farm, award-winning gourmet foods from Restaurant Bühlmann and tasty drinks from our cocktail bar.

If you have any questions or need help with booking, you are welcome to contact our conference host Sara on either phone: +45 2859 4945 or email:

restaurant bühlmann

award-winning gourmet food

When you need to hold a meeting or conference at our manor house, it is always possible to combine the meeting with a delicious breakfast buffet or exquisite gourmet food from Restaurant Bühlmann. Together we put together a menu that covers your wishes and needs.

At Restaurant Bühlmann, we hand-pick and use the best seasonal ingredients to create create sensory gastronomic experiences. Both our Swiss roots and the history of the manor are sources of inspiration when we create new and improved dining experiences.

bühlmanns guatemala

coffee beans from own coffee farm

Happiness is a good cup of coffee – especially when you are having a meeting or a conference. On the lower floor you will find our exclusive coffee bar, where you can choose from four different coffee beans.

One of the coffees comes from Guatemala, where Anemette Bühlmann’s family runs the coffee farm La Serrania. Maria Jóse Fernandez de Bühlmann and her father Pedro Lopez harvest the aromatic arabica coffee beans, which are then sent across the Atlantic and roasted in Aalborg.

In the video below, you can hear a lot more about the beans, and the process behind them.

exclusive cocktails

the taste of quality

In our newly renovated lounge area you will find our colourful cocktail bar. Here you can order everything from cold and hot drinks to exclusive cocktails. You can choose between classics as well as our own exciting interpretations.