Hotel Scheelsminde – En del af Familien Bühlmann

Restaurant Bühlmann

Welcome to the “taste of today” at Restaurant Bühlmann at Scheelsminde. Restaurant Bühlmann offers everything the heart desires of both, gourmet experiences and wonderful brasserie dishes.

Our food is made of raw ingredients that are so fresh that they are a part of the experience itself. We serve the “taste of today” from the surrounding sea, the hotel’s large kitchen garden, nature and local suppliers. We organize our menus in a manner to serve the most important elements and ingredients the same day as they are caught, slaughtered, matured, harvested, picked or smoked.

We harvest and pick the season’s vegetables, fruits and berries in our own kitchen garden up to a few minutes before serving. The vegetables that we cannot pick up in our own vegetable garden, we get from, among others, a small organic farm shop Østergård. The butter is churned and comes from a dairy, Ingstrup Mejeri, with open-pan seethed salt from Blokhus.

We get fresh mushrooms from our mushroom cellar, and we have water tanks with alive seafood from the Limfjord and Læsø, in order to serve them the closest to alive possible. The fish we pick up every day at an auction in Strandby or directly by the cutter.

Our meat is marbled, hook-matured and Danish – delivered directly from Grambogård. Meat and poultry are slaughtered and carved as close to serving as it makes professional sense in relation to maturation and the development of the meat.

All of this we do to create the ultimate experience for you. Therefore, we first plan parts of the menu at the end, and details fall into place shortly before serving. The raw ingredients are in focus, and we always serve the freshest.

The restaurant is led by our dedicated and creative team of chefs and waiters. Everyone is here and ready to give you the ultimate gourmet experience in Aalborg’s most evocative setting – where we also like to make the park, greenhouse, terrace, wine cellar and the many hooks of the house part of your experience.


Restaurant Bühlmann has received many forks, stars, nominations and great words along the way.


Only the best is good enough for our guests. Check out our smiley report from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, and see how good we are to follow the rules and ensure that food safety is at the top.



Every week the Executive Chef, Benjamin Hyllebjerg, and the rest of the team plan the menu based on what Scheelsminden’s kitchen garden, the sea, the land and the air make available right now. “The taste of today” also means that your final menu of the day depends on whether the raw materials meet our requirements of freshness, quality, taste and closeness.

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Scheelsminden’s wine cellar is looked after and cared for by our Restaurant Manager, who buys wines from all over the World, so that we can represent a small selection of many of the wine producing countries.

Scheelsminde’s heartbeat is the old wine world, where we particularly enjoy our selection of red Burgundy and Bordeaux wines, as well as our unique collection of DRC wines.

The wine menu is constantly under renewal and improvement, so that every country is represented by wines for every taste both, classic and contemporary.

Some of our wines are unfortunately no longer available from the years we have on the menu, and you may therefore risk that on some occasions we only have a very limited selection of the individual wines.

We hope you will enjoy the journey through our wine list. If you have any questions regarding our available wine selection, you are, of course, very welcome to write an e-mail to our Restaurant Manager. Please send the e-mail to