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Our charming manor in the heart of Aalborg provides a unique setting for your events, no matter what type of occasion you’re hosting. Some of the events we typically host include weddings, confirmations, christenings, receptions, anniversaries, memorial gatherings, birthdays, Christmas parties, and company events. Below, you can read much more about the possibilities for your upcoming event.

We hold the highest standards for quality and ingredients, ensuring that you and your guests can enjoy an experience with truly delicious food and fine wine. Our experienced event department is always ready to help and guide you with the planning and details of your event.

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Planning your party

Leave the practicalities to us

If you’re hosting a party or event all evening, we can assist you with everything. We provide invitation cards, place cards for glasses, and menu cards at no extra cost. Furthermore, we also have many good contacts with professional musicians, photographers, limousine services, floral designers, who are also experts in creating the perfect atmosphere for various types of events.

Of course, you are always welcome to drop by for an open and non-binding conversation about your wishes and needs, together with our event coordinators. It’s always a good idea to schedule a meeting – that way, we allocate the necessary time to guide you.

Bühlmann's party

Party package

At Scheelsminde and in Restaurant Bühlmann, we look forward to providing the setting for your event. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, reception, Christmas party, confirmation, company event, or anything else, we have the event package and setting for you.

We offer Bühlmann’s Celebration for both lunch and dinner, and you can look forward to a splendid event in one of the manor’s atmospheric banquet rooms with a charming view of the park. When guests are welcomed, we sabre bottles of delightful bubbles, which are served along with delightful canapés. Dette efterfølges af vores 3-retters menu, der serveres med en omhyggeligt udvalgt og matchende vinkort.

The menu and wine list for all events are crafted in collaboration with our skilled chefs and sommelier. After dinner, coffee from our own coffee farm in Guatemala is served with chocolate and freshly baked marzipan cake, along with a house-made digestif. Afterwards, our bar is ready with beer, water, and wine, and you have the opportunity to invite everyone to dance.

The Bühlmann’s Celebration event package includes:

  • Mousserende vin og 2 slags kanapéer
  • 3-course menu
  • Wine list ad libitum until coffee is served
  • Coffee, tea, liqueurs
  • Chocolates and marzipan cake
  • Bar with beer, water, and wine until 01:30 AM
  • Late-night snack


  • Price. per person incl. accompanying wine list A: DKK 1,355,-
  • Price. per person incl. accompanying wine list B: DKK 1,455,-
  • Price. per person incl. accompanying wine list C: DKK 1,555,-

Bühlmann's gastronomy

Party package

Take your guests on an unforgettable sensory experience with Head Chef Christian. Nurup and the rest of the creative team behind Bühlmann’s Gastronomy. Look forward
to the dinner with 10 or 6 courses.

A common theme in our gastronomic experiences is that we, here at the house, view food through the seasons, carefully selecting the best ingredients to create unforgettable sensory experiences in each serving.

The Bühlmann’s Gastronomy event package includes:

  • Welcome with champagne or Bühlmann’s Signature Cocktail
  • Bühlmann’s Gastronomy – choose 6 or 10 courses
  • Wine list or non-alcoholic juice menu composed by our Sommelier
  • Coffee from own coffee farm and petit four & liqueurs
  • Cocktail bar (after coffee until 01.30 or 03.00)
  • Midnight snack according to your wishes

Gastronomy 10 – prices:

  • Price. per person incl. bar until 03.00 DKK 2,600,-
  • Price. pr. person incl. bar until 01.30 DKK 2.420,-

Gastronomy 6 – prices:

  • Price. per person incl. bar until 03.00 DKK 1,875,-
  • Price. per person incl. bar until 01.30 DKK 1,695,-


A manor style

A wedding celebration should be romantic, unforgettable, and absolutely perfect for the two of you throughout the evening. At Scheelsminde, we take pride in making your wedding a truly special day in Aalborg.

Our beautiful old manor is perfectly suited for a romantic wedding celebration. Our skilled staff is ready to offer delicious gourmet food, exquisite wines, great service, and a festive atmosphere. We set the table for dinner in the banquet halls and open champagne with a saber in the garden. We offer an absolutely fantastic wedding package, which of course is tailored to your needs.

We offer an absolutely fantastic wedding package in our popular banquet rooms in Aalborg, which can naturally be customized to your needs and preferences.


We help you with everything you need

The moment har arrived. The confirmand is about to hold his/her first big celebration. The butterflies flutter in the stomach – not only for the confirmand but probably also for mom and dad, who notice that the confirmand is transitioning from being a child to becoming a young person. It’s a big day.

Together with the confirmand and the parents, we decide in plenty of time ahead of the party what you want to eat and how you would like to decorate. Often, confirmations start with a welcome drink. That always keeps the adults occupied while the young confirmand unwraps their gifts and reads out cards and messages. Afterwards, you proceed to the table and enjoy a light meal, often seasonal. Then it’s time for speeches and songs – and afterwards, you have plenty of time for conversations and cozy moments around coffee, as is tradition at a proper confirmation.


A great day for the whole family

A child is the gift of life, and at christening we name the little one in front of the whole family. A christening is about love and community, which we mark with an unforgettable celebration.

If you have just become a mother and father, you probably have plenty to think about, so let us take care of the christening or naming party afterwards.

We have many cozy rooms where you can host your event in Aalborg, depending on the number of guests you’re inviting. At our charming manor, there’s the opportunity to play, stretch your legs, and have a good chat in our beautiful park.

Accommodation in connection with the celebration

End the day in style

When it comes to holding parties and events, it’s nice if you don’t have to drive home afterwards. We of course offer accommodation for you and your guests after the event. Our manor offers 94 cozy rooms with wonderful facilities – and the next day, we pamper you with our popular breakfast buffet consisting of homemade and local specialties.

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We look forward to providing the setting for your event – whether it’s in our popular banquet halls at Scheelsminde or at your own home. Below, you can find inspiration for your event and read much more about our event packages, seasonal menus, and facilities for events of every kind.